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Hire, Train and Deploy

It has been a common observation around the world that there is a huge gap in the skill set required by the corporates and the skill set possessed by the candidates, especially the ones who have recently completed college.

Companies end up spending a huge amount of money and time in getting these candidates trained and to bring them to the level that is required by most companies. This is a constant problem the entire corporate world has been facing for a long time. To eradicate this problem and to save a considerable amount of money for companies, there is a new service being offered by the name of HTD (Hire, Train, and Deploy).

Hire, Train, and Deploy is a service that is based on the exact skill set required by the companies, the HTD service providers train the resources and deploy them with the clients once the training is over. Companies save a lot of time and money through this system and get the resources with the exact skillset. Hire, Train and Deploy is slowly becoming one of the most popular staffing services.

Collabera, being one of the biggest staffing giants, offers comprehensive Hire, Train and deploy services to its clients. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with all the latest technologies required for delivering the perfect training and the team that understands the clients’ needs and technologies like the back of their hand, no other staffing company can even come close to providing the quality of services Collabera provides. If you want to know how you can or your company can get benefitted from the Hire, Train and Deploy model, please feel free to get in touch.

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