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Digital transformation journey to a hybrid workplace model

While the hybrid model presents many variations, what is crucial is ensuring seamless continuity and similar employee experience across environments. Remote work is here to stay and is already a vital part of the employment mix for most organizations today. The core pillars impacting the

Performance Management Then Vs. Now

The unforeseen developments of 2020 have forced many organizations to revisit performance management and introduce changes while revisiting their operating models, the goals and metrics of measurement. However, the key business objectives remain unchanged. If one were, to sum up 2020, it could best be

The evolutionary role of technology in Human Resources

HR solutions that integrate into the whole system have evolved significantly providing HR more insights to use data analytics not just on its employees, but a far wider network of individuals that can help attract the right talent pool. As the workplace becomes dynamic and

New Millennial rules for Hiring an IT Professional

Recruitment has been a high demand service in all industry because the companies are seeking good employees and the candidates are seeking good jobs. This is why the recruitment agencies who deliver good work are in high demand. If you are also looking for opening

Are You Prepared To Revolutionize Company Culture?

The other positive outcome of the crisis is sure to be more regular sanitization of office premises and possibly a more regulated medical check-up of employees not just when they join a company but at regular intervals to monitor people’s overall fitness and health conditions.

Unlock 1.0: IT-ITeS sector expects rise in contractual hiring

Staffing firms are seeing a surge in hiring from IT firms working with banking, financial services and insurance clients India’s information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITeS) sector is expected to see more hiring of contractual employees as the end of the coronavirus-induced lockdown leads