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Collabera Announces 2018 STEM Scholarship Winners

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Collabera Announces 2018 STEM Scholarship Winners

Collabera is pleased to announce the 2018 recipients of the second annual Collabera STEM Scholarship. The scholarship awards two high school students with $2500 to put towards their Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) education for the 2018-19 academic year. All applicants were asked to submit a one-page essay answering the following:

  1. STEM is a constantly changing field with frequent advances. What are you most looking forward to about working in a STEM career?
  2. As a future STEM leader, how would you hope push the envelope in your field?

Applicant packages were reviewed alongside a letter of recommendation and high school transcripts. The winners of the 2018 Collabera STEM Scholarship are both committed to taking their passion for learning into the next phase of their lives. This past week, we spoke with our winners about the scholarship and their future goals.

National Scholarship Winner: Rachel Condon

Rachel Condon is a graduating high school senior who plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University. She is most looking forward to the natural sciences classes she will take, in addition to advanced calculus.

When asked about the impact the Collabera STEM Scholarship will have on her education, Rachel said,
“I knew a scholarship like this would really help out with paying for my education. Winning this scholarship allows me to be able to consider study abroad opportunities, and will help tremendously with the first-year costs of college.”
Rachel supports and encourages “future students to go into a STEM field because many different minds are needed to innovate and create new technologies,” she said. As a future geochemist, Rachel will continue to push her own boundaries and that of her future career field.

Houston Scholarship Winner: Olivia Zhang

Olivia Zhang is a graduating high school senior who plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Harvard University. She hopes to make an impact on the way we view computer automation and how computers can aid and provide insight into human-driven tasks. Olivia expressed that,

“Machine learning and AI technology, as well as natural language processing and how technology works with human language, is what’s really interesting to me right now.”

While she is pursuing a Computer Science degree, Olivia is looking forward to “taking a lot of different classes and then narrowing down my focus from there.”

As a future Harvard student, Olivia acknowledges: “I’m going somewhere where there are so many resources; I have to figure out how to take advantage of everything and challenge myself. I think the scholarship is definitely going to help me take one step further by lessening the financial burden of my education. The fact that Collabera is giving out this kind of scholarship is really encouraging toward my pursuit of STEM and Computer Science.”

Collabera is proud to support the next generation of STEM leaders. Congratulations to our 2018 scholarship recipients and best of luck in your future STEM education and careers.

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