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#Contingent #Workforce’ More Glorious and Productive #PostCorona

Author Profile:    Shibani Patel  | Vice President – Collabera

In addition to her all-time responsibilities, Shibani heads Client Relations, Corporate Sales, Service Delivery, Contract Negotiations, Business Operations, and Project Management. Shibani Patel recently shouldered Change Management, People Management, Employee Relations and so much more at Collabera. She travels regularly and has dedicated most of the work-life for delivering clients with the right team of people, process and projects. You can reach out to her directly through the blog with your comments, and she’ll be happy to answer your queries. This blog represents her views from the Podcast featured on Collabera Social Media

Collabera Podcast, Episode 1, Part 3

Collabera Podcast, Episode 1, Part 3:In conversation with – Shibani Patel, VP, Collabera"Contingent labor workforce growth is 100% assured with the increase of Digital Transformation of large scale organizations.We cater to the changing needs and demands of future workforce #Millennial and channelize their energy to deliver sustainable project implementation."Collabera Podcast, Episode 1, Part 1 : Podcast, Episode 1, Part 2 : Podcast Episode 1, Part 3 : #Podcast

Posted by Collabera India on Friday, June 21, 2019

#PostCovid19 – Two decades, the term ‘Contingent workforce’ emphasized outside consultants, freelancers, contractual, part-timers, and remote work; company employees who were not part of the ‘Permanent Job’ league. The uncertainty or non-permanence around their work patterns was not appreciated. And yet, service integrators who need niche skills or extra help temporarily employed them on engagement basis. Contingent Workforce then was considered as secondary in a workplace; almost an ‘outsider’. I would like to emphasize on ‘then’ here, as times have changed. As such a workforce contingent on contractual or situational conditions for project implementation today is considered at par in a lot of organizations.

Employment trends changed over the years, Millennial and Generation Z has made ‘Contractual employment’ more glorious and productive. Pay per Hour, Pay per Engagement is the industry norm today. Unlike, the salaried permanent employees who feel their jobs are secured in a customary 35- or 40-hour or more work week with company culture aligned benefits. Although, fact remains with 360-degree feedback mechanisms, KPI’s, KRA’s, and other performance improvement measures; consistent achievements are the only way one can survive in this competitive market.

Shibani Patel - Post Corona After EffectsCollabera has seen this steady growth of ‘Contingent labour’ as almost fail-safe methodology among our clients. Our distinguished clientele has taken a leap with proper mechanisms that have processes and systems incorporated to manage this steadily growing workforce. Today among our clients, 35 % of hiring procedures are around contingent work force. Accepted on both sides, this contractual labour category is highly skilled, heavily experienced and one of the best options for our clients under the following circumstances:

  1. Availability of ‘niche skill sets’ at affordable cost are mostly through contractors/consultants
  2. Visible shift in organizational priorities to compete against their global competitors
  3. Organizations looking for outside influence to implement strategic and financial decisions
  4. A win- win between projects to fill in short-term gaps with immediate resource
  5. Absolute ‘Technical fitment’ for specific labour segments
  6. Lack of skills/knowledge in the candidate pools of hired full-time workers
  7. Organizations especially IT industry that regularly tries to cut labour/headcount costs
  8. Plethora of new skills and the demand for these in the market
  9. Changing trends “Your #Startup Idea – Our Seed Fund” now Millennial are their own Boss
  10. Diversity Hiring Trends have balanced cost of higher and become a real source of Brand value
  11. Performance Driven KPI’s, KRA and effective management skills have further tilted the balance
  12. Adoption of relevant software and analytical tools to measure workforce productivity

Contingent labour benefits the company model as it does not have any health care privileges unlike permanent hire, and with the young generation it brings in different skills altogether. Younger generation as contingent workforce has this relentless energy coupled with fresh opinions, smart and Gadget friendly skills. If channelized appropriately, the future can be a windfall to our clients rather than ‘misguided Missiles’.

Contingent labour workforce growth is 100% assured, an organization like ours has efficiently managed processes and systems that support, recruit, manage this workforce end to end. We have started convincing our clients to take advantage of contingent hire cost efficiencies. We help them balance the hiring process and risks associated with payroll and employer branding. Our core expertise lies in supporting clients with complete Enterprise Software  for all major business transformation functions like HR, IT, Procurement, Financials that will manage operations. I must mention Collabera has over the years been an extended arm for our clients across 60+ locations worldwide spread across 3 continents. Our frameworks and IT process driven systems help guide  us in the right direction.

Team Collabera can help manage the use of contingent labour and proactively begin to identify the gaps where you must focus. We cater to the changing needs and demands of future workforce #Millennial and channelize their energy to deliver sustainable project implementation. Contact us today for more details on how we could help your team.



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