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How to brand yourself on LinkedIn to score a job during #Covid-19?

Are you looking for a job during Covid-19? Do you want to represent yourself as a brand? If yes, then you should be live on LinkedIn. You can make your profile visible to the recruiters through LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, you can create your virtual presence, which is easy to find and follow. There is no middle man or agencies involved between you and the recruiter if you are present on LinkedIn.

Here comes the question of how to make the presentation. It is not only the matter to create a LinkedIn account. It would help if you optimized it so that the recruiters can find you and offer your preferred job. If you are struggling to optimize your LinkedIn account, these following points will help you out.

  1. Linkedin is a social networking website for people in professional occupations.


    1. Find your target– There are several professions people earn from, and you must be carrying any one of them. You should know in which sector you want the job. If you want a corporate job in the technical department, then you should know it and work on your profile accordingly. Knowing your target jobs or companies is essential before you start optimizing your account and make it visible to the recruiters. You can find jobs related to your prefered location like #Delhi,#Bangalore, #Mumbai, #Chennai. To know more about open jobs position near you, contact us.

  2. Create an open account– Do not secure your account if you want it to be publically visible. There are options where you can secure your posts but keep your profile details visible to all. It would help the company HR or recruiters to check your profile, educational qualification, achievements, experience in your work field, etc. If you make your work-related information public, then it will grab more audience to your profile. Make it easily accessible for the recruiters.
  3. Optimize the content– Check the content which you are putting in your profile. Make sure you are writing your bio in such a way that shows your experience, field of expertise. This will help your profile to optimize directly. If a company HR is fining project managers, they can directly visit your profile because the search results will show your profile. Optimize your profile content with appropriate keywords that explain your profession and skills.
  4. Upload Resume– Resume is one of the essential elements that you should upload in your LinkedIn account. If a recruiter gets your resume readily, then it would help you to cross over the layoff procedure. You can directly get connected with the recruiters through your resume. The recruiters need not involve any agency to get the candidates to resume.
  5. Upload educational documents– If you upload educational materials, then the recruiters will be able to see your qualifications along with proof. You can get more attention because of your degrees. Providing educational information always helps to get attention if recruiters.
  6. Upload certificates or achievements– If you have any other skills which are certified, you can upload that details as well. If you have worked in different companies and have achievement certificates, you can also upload that. Providing certificate and qualifications details adds a point on your profile, which is good to get a job.
  7. Add tags– LinkedIn provides a fantastic option to add tags. You can add tags or keywords that explain your skills. Suppose your communication skills are excellent, you can add that as a tag. These tag helps to optimize the search results. It can filter the result and highlight your profile if the recruiter is searching for it.
  8. Search jobs- then you should search for employment and turn on the notification so that if any similar situation comes in, you get notified. Searching for jobs at LinkedIn will help you to connect to the recruiter directly. You can apply for jobs if you find a perfect job advertisement for you.
  9. Pitch companies– Most of the corporate companies or big shot companies are having a profile at LinkedIn. You can find them and pitch them directly. You can get a lead from them only. You never know they may offer you a job after seeing your profile. Try to build a connection between you and the companies and then pitch about your job needs. This technique always helps.
  10. Be active– Be active on LinkedIn as much as possible. Try to make a post that will promote your skills. Try to reply immediately if you are getting a massage or a comment in your post. Be active and revert as soon as possible. This habit will impress the recruiters firstly, and this will also show them how efficient you are.

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