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How to increase #productvity while working from home (#WFH)?

In times like these, being stuck indoors and working from home is not really one’s preferred choice. Situations of being left with no option to move out can become exhaustive and can challenge ones efficiency. There are several distractions and lesser responsibility. Most importantly, lack in smooth flow of communication and clarity in instruction which is inherently present in the corporate environment. Working from is a challenge, one that can be easily transformed into an opportunity. There are multiple ways to remain efficient while working from home. Here are a few such efficiency boosters that might help you to be your most productive self during this lockdown.

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Regular working hours – One of the first things that you need to keep a check on while you work from is that you maintain a schedule; one which is similar to your office schedule. It can be very enticing to have total freedom when you work from home and that is why it becomes absolutely to take breaks while working. Keeping a schedule will also help you in maintaining consistency and keep a tab on your work load. It will enhance your efficiency and regularise your work ensuring that you meet those deadlines.

One important attribute concerning to work from home is your availability. One must be available during team calls and whenever a team member is reaching out to you during working hours. It is also very important to keep in touch with your customers and clients. One can also identify the most productive hours in a day and use them to churn out maximum output. Managing your time and work well will ensure that you are not actively working 24/7 and utilising your work hours optimally to achieve your day’s targets. Working with a schedule will also help in arranging meetings and appointments for others hence ensuring that you value others time as well.
Another useful hack is to keep a regular tab on your emails. Checking emails from time to time and keeping your phone well within reach will make your job easier. Sharing your work schedule with your team will make it easier for them to coordinate with you and reach out to you in your available time.

Work life balance – Having a work life balance while working from home might be something that most of us would tend to overlook. However, we must acknowledge the importance of taking breaks and its impact on our mindfulness. One must ensure that they don’t exhaust themselves completely with a tiring work schedule and set apart some time in their day for the wellness of their mental and physical health. These breaks are indeed a great way to boost your energy and works likes miracle in increasing your efficiency.
Distinguishing between work and personal time will reduce stress and relax your mind preparing it to work more productively. While sharing your day schedule with the team, one must also share the break durations and unavailable time slots. This will help regularise the teams calendar and ensure smooth flow of communication. For example, most of us like to take our evenings off to spend personal time with family members and enjoy the golden hour, if this is the case,
schedule a time slot for this and ensure that you have communicated the same to your team before hand.

Planning – The key to success is good planning. Planning your work not only helps you decide your agendas but it also gives you a perfect schedule to work up on. Before you start your day, you should make sure that you have defined your goals for the day complimented with a rough estimation of the time required to complete them. You can also create a backup plan, for if you exceed the defined time and incase you have extra time left, how can you utilise it further. A beneficial method for time management is planning for the next day a few minutes before you go to bed. This is reduces stress of making time for creating a schedule early in the morning and also creates a rough idea of how the day will flow, removing ambiguity. This attempt can also cause sleepless nights for some and for them it is best to plan out their days before or during their breakfast.
Prioritising work is a key attribute of planning. Completing high priority work first will be helpful. Another aspect to remember is that one should plan their work around that time of the day when they are their most energetic and productive selves. And lastly, remember to take planned and earned breaks.

Breaking up the day – If you follow the last step diligently, then you must have figured out by now, the ways and means to break up your day. You must take planned breaks; doing this, you will ensure not to waste extra time and be extra efficient at work. You should make it a point to stop during your allotted breaks. In these breaks you can undertake several things such as catching fresh air, working out, binging on some snacks or even reconnecting with some you’re near and dear ones. These activities will help you to get out of that work environment and reset yourself. This will energise you to accomplish your remaining goals post your break. Scheduling activities before and after your breaks will ensure that you are not over shooting them. Taking a ten to thirty minutes short break and around an hour for eating should be helpful.

Dressing up – Dress up, even when you are working from home. Even if you spend the whole day not interacting with anyone personally, dressing up will psych you up mentally and physically for those virtual meetings. This dressing up routine would include showering, brushing, and going along with a schedule. These activities will alert your brain that it is now time for work and bring out the most efficient self. Wearing something like sweatpants might make you very comfortable but at the same time, it might make you feel lazy and unprepared.
Adding some of these to your humdrum might be helpful in breaking that monotony and prep you to be your professional best despite the lockdown challenges.

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