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Jobs and skill-sets that would rule in 2021 and get you hired easily

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Jobs and skill-sets that would rule in 2021 and get you hired easily

The direct and exponential impact of technological innovations on jobs and the fast-paced technological changes had been common knowledge for some time now. However, discussions around the future of the workplace and the need for digital transformation and digitization often were restricted to board room conversations.

But the reality of 2020 accelerated the need for organizations to undergo an overnight shift and discover new ways of working. Industries across saw increasing reliance on digital technologies to craft satisfying experiences for customers and employees.


IT while was always recognized as a pivotal factor for modern business, it is this year that saw what cutting-edge digital technologies could offer.

The overall amalgamation of these developments saw new job roles created along with the need to upskill the workforce with advanced and niche skill-sets which will have a profound impact in 2021.


With enterprises, moving to more technological and online-centric models, we have seen the evolution of new business and work models.

As the hybrid workforce has become a reality we envision that along with the creation of new jobs requiring advanced technological skill-sets there will be an overall requirement for digital and social skills to design highly effective and productive workplaces.

Some of the main jobs and skill-sets that would rule 2021 are:

1. Digital transformation and digitization

This year most businesses had to fundamentally change or relook their IT capabilities.

While digitalization has accelerated and encompassed a larger share across value chains, a large number of organizations still face challenges due to legacy systems. Achieving the full benefits of digitalization requires modernizing legacy IT platforms.

This development will result in increasing demand for talent with digital skill-sets. A core role requirement will be skilled business analysts who will be able to guide organizations on the modernization approach suitable for them based on a host of factors.

While cloud, API, low code, DevOps, 5G will be the key and most sought after digital skills, it is the culmination of these skill-sets along with a business understanding which will be essential.

2. Cybersecurity professionals

As work from home and work from anywhere become the new normal; organizations have become more vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks.

Hence, the need for businesses to hire cybersecurity staff has increased with many organizations doubling the size of their cybersecurity teams. According to a NASSCOM report, despite having a large pool of IT talent in India, there is a dearth of cybersecurity professionals.

The virtual and hybrid workplace model in 2021 will possibly see a surge in demand for roles such as Security Architect, Network Security Engineers, Information Risk Auditors, Firewalls and Security Device Development Professionals, Cryptologists, and Vulnerability Assessors.

3. AI and Machine Learning

AI is reshaping the world and playing a crucial role in solving real life-world problems. In this scenario, more IT professionals will be expected to acquire technical and analytical skills in these areas.

As essential sector such as education sees disruption in the form of Edtech and acceptance of remote working models there would be a rise in the employment opportunities within this sector.

Technological advancement can see core sectors like construction and manufacturing growing significantly, using Industrial Automation and Machine Learning, in the coming years.

However, AI professionals need to go beyond programming logic expertise. Factors like creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and in-depth problem solving will determine the success of such professionals.

However, in 2021 beyond technological skill-sets, it will be soft skills that will play a key role in enabling job seekers to be a strategic fit for key roles. The industry will seek professionals who have a growth mindset and the agility to adapt and adopt with the ambiguity.

As workplaces transition to a virtual/hybrid mode, the ability to effectively communicate both in-person and online mode, will be a crucial factor that organizations will actively look for.

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