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Recruitment tip: Things to remember while hiring through social media

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Recruitment tip: Things to remember while hiring through social media

By Shibani Patel Did you know 65% of the population in India is under the age of 35 years? According to a recent social media statics report; about 52.3% of social media results come from millennials, 28.4% of social media conversations are from GenZ and 15.1% are from those aged between 35-44 years. With 230 million active social media users there is no question that social media is changing the way businesses work.

Many tech-savvy companies have realised the importance of it and are turning to Social Media for their sourcing needs and other hiring processes. This is a comparatively new tool for hiring and it’s easy to make mistakes while selecting suitable candidates. Here are key elements that one should keep in mind while hiring through social media platforms’.

Referring to social media platforms is one of the first steps of the sourcing &screening processes
First and foremost, recruiters should remember that social media is a great channel to connect and network with potential candidates; even with the passive ones who are otherwise difficult to identify/trace. Social media should be considered among the first steps of sourcing and screening procedures. Nowadays, you’ll find very few candidates registering on the job portals. Most of the job portals have a social media integrated logins only to facilitate more signups and user friendly candidate profile pages.

Beware of the fakes
People fake lives, connections and profiles on social media. When people can share false information in their resumes, how can you trust the information shared on social media platforms to be 100% accurate or even authentic? Decisions should not be made without proper references and background checks. Many employers make assumptions based on the posts and comments published on the profiles of the candidates; this is where I feel the chances of hiring inappropriate candidates go up. Recruiters should first evaluate candidates on reliable data such as education, work experience, test results, visual elements on the resumes and then visit the social media profiles before the final decision. Social media is a great tool that provides a bigger picture and should be used among other parameters for background verification.

Be consistent & alert
If recruiters decide to screen a list of candidates through social media platforms, it is advisable to keep the platforms as constant to avoid account closure. Candidates showing political leanings and spreading hate sentiments should be avoided as they might create a hostile atmosphere.

The recruiters profile is important
Employers should not forget that this is a two way street. Just as these platforms give the liberty for recruiters and brands to visit profiles of prospective employees, candidates too look at reviews, comments left on the brands page by other employees. Also, employers should always stay updated on all the platforms about job openings and make the process of submitting resumes easy. The candidates too will be browsing through your social media profiles looking for jobs. It is very important to highlight why it’s a great place to work showcasing the vision and company culture of the organisation to organically attract candidates who would be a good fit culturally.
The author is the VP at Collabera India

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