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Have you heard of our Permanent Staffing Services – Collabera India?

A company is only as good as its people. Talented employees are the soul of any successful company. However, finding the right permanent employee is no mean task. It is a long term relationship between the company and the individual. And hence you seldom want to do it halfheartedly. The question is do you have all the means to find the right candidate yourself or would you prefer taking support from experts in the field of permanent staffing solutions?

A well-established permanent placement services company like Collabera can be your trusted partner to help you with permanent staffing services from start to finish.

Some benefits of working with permanent employment agencies are:

  1. Faster hiring: Professional recruitment agencies will find you the right fit at the right time. Time lost in finding the right candidate can result in project delays. A well-networked permanent placement recruiter can quickly get you the right candidate for a position within
    the stipulated deadlines.
  2. Better candidates: Permanent placement agencies have a wide network of available candidates with diverse skill sets. You can easily depend on your staffing partner to hire reliable and qualified workers without going through the stress of identifying the right candidate.
  3. Cost and time-efficient: Hiring a permanent employee is a time-consuming process. Permanent staffing agencies companies do the time-consuming tasks like searching piles of resumes, interviewing candidates, doing reference checks, etc. Professional recruitment agencies have a dedicated team of experts for these tasks. You save on the investment of setting up such specialized department to hire permanent employees.
  4. Value addition: Reputed permanent staffing agencies will take full responsibility and ownership of end-to-end hiring process and go beyond the few mundane tasks mandatory for recruitment. They become your true and trusted partners in the journey from making recruitment plans to ensuring smooth on-boarding process and most importantly providing increased value and retention.
  5. Retain for longer: The staffing agencies take complete care of hiring the best in class candidates for you who not just full fill the skills criteria but also fill well within the culture of the organization. This increases the chances of candidates staying longer.

At Collabera India – headquartered at Vadodara – we thoroughly understand the hiring needs of our client and the organization culture. We also ensure highest ROI in recruitment process. Our streamlined processes, timely delivery, and cost-effective approach makes us your right partner for permanent staffing.

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